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TBOS Reference- Megumi Tadashi by HotaruofKonoha TBOS Reference- Megumi Tadashi by HotaruofKonoha
My reference picture for :icontbos-oct: . My scanner is a color-vampire and likes to mess up colors, so I will be fixing this picture soon. It was just important that I, y'know, get it up today.

My first time drawing a guy...seriously it is. I'm actually proud of this. I think I was driven by the fear of failure. Or something.

Name: Megumi Tadashi

Age: 25

Appearance: Megumi is tall, about 6’2’’, with short, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He could be called thin, but he’s more lean than thin, and slightly muscular. On the inside of his left wrist, he has a tattoo of the letter ‘V’ that he got from a vampire-hunter training facility in his teens. On his neck he has two puncture wounds, though they’re almost invisible because they’re so light, that he’s not too keen on talking about. If you get his shirt off him, there are scars on his torso from a recent car accident as well as a few “battle scars” from his job.

Abilities: Megumi is very skilled with various weaponry including, guns, knives, and projectiles. He’s also proficient in hand-to-hand combat; he trained in martial arts when he was young. As a hunter, he’s trained himself to be very quick. He has very sharp eyesight.

Personality: Megumi is very calculating and quiet. He is a hunter, first and foremost, and his logic most of the time heavily outweighs his emotions. As such, he can come across as very cold at times when he doesn’t mean to, especially to strangers. But he does care about some people, and he can be kind, he just has a rather hard time showing it.
He has a very profound hatred of magical creatures, though what he hates the most is vampires, and he’s not afraid to let that show.
He isn’t a very trusting person, and those he does trust he holds in very high regard. He will be very hurt if they betray him. Alliances aren’t a problem to him—people at the W.L.D.M.C. often work in teams of two—but he also enjoys working alone.
Though he doesn’t like to admit it, Megumi has a bit of a soft spot for small children, as they tend to remind him of his little sisters, particularly his youngest sister Eilea.

Chosen By: Lady Ink

Gift: Construct in the shape of an arc.

History: Megumi used to live with his parents and his two younger sisters Eilea and Yue. The three siblings were very close and got along well. All was well until his youngest sister Eilea was attacked by a vampire who drained humans of their souls instead of their blood. Megumi’s parents blamed Yue and Megumi for not stopping the attack, and the family drifted a bit. Their mother drifted into alcoholism and their father became something of a recluse, not leaving the house. Megumi and Yue promised from that day on to work towards becoming vampire hunters so they could find and kill the vampire who attacked their sister. They trained at a hunting facility for a few years.
Not long after graduating from the facility, Megumi came home a few years later to find his parents and his sister dead, murdered by some magical creature. After that, he joined W.L.M.D.C. (World League to Destroy Magical Creatures) driven mostly by revenge, where he continues to work. Every so often, Megumi's visited by hallucinations of his two sisters and his parents, whether he wants them to show up or not.
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
He and C are not going to get along well, are they?
HotaruofKonoha Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
Psh....they'll be best of friends! :D
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